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In the small, enclosed balcony garden, delicate jasmine climbs high trellises; the small white starbursts glow under the midnight moon. Crimson roses, hidden in the night, fill the air with a heady scent before a cool breeze wafts down the canal through the open doors. An incautious step crushes fragrant basil. Rosemary, oregano, chives and parsley rustle in the breeze or when brushed by the hem of a black velvet domino. The courtesan, dressed in an almost sheer cotton dress, finely pleated, with a black wig covering her auburn hair, surveys her world. The gold and enamel breastplate, headdress and cuffs of an Egyptian queen gleam in the moonlight, an ivory rose twirls lightly in her hennaed fingers. She stands alone, listening to the music and laughter from the rooms below and smiles.

All of these stories are either fan fantasies or fan fiction.

Real person fan fantasy stories feature characterizations based on real celebrities. No story is intended to be anything but completely fictional and no harm is intended toward the object of the fantasy.

Literary, cinematic, comic and television fan fiction is a recent genre of fiction, based on well known characters from radio, television, movies and books. Usually, the story involves two (or more) fictional characters.

The genre name "slash fic" is derived from the title, simply two names separated by a slash but usually refers to a homosexual relationship. "Het fic" simply means that the story is based on the theory of a heterosexual relationship between characters. There may be little character development, as their roles are well known or the stories may be novel length, based on the original work.

No story is intended to be anything but a fantasy and no harm is intended toward the original story, production, producers or to the integrity of the original work and may be considered a parody, according to Hustler Magazine, Inc. et al. v. Jerry Falwell . None of the authors in this section are affiliated in any way with the artists, authors, performers, production companies or broadcasts. The fandom universes (inclusive of all recognizable characters mentioned, all institutions, situations, events and happenings) are copyrighted by their original published or produced creators and their corporate affiliates. All work herein is considered fan fiction and is considered by the author to be a respectful parody while acknowledging its derivative status. No commercial use of this work is intended nor is any revenue being made from it or any website which it may be archived on.

Frequently, fan fiction is written serially and is noted with the letters "WIP", meaning "work in progress". Stories that have been archived as WIPs will be noted as being "complete" when finished. Story or series spoilers will be noted.


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The WIKTT Archives are on a secondary database. JK Rowling's Harry Potter-based WIKTT Stories must be uploaded onto that database to be seen on The WIKTT Archives. All other fanfiction may be found on The Masque.

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