Mistress, Inc. by CaughtNTheQuiet Rated: 2 - Provocative [Reviews - 0]
[Report This] Published: Apr 11, 2008 Updated: Apr 11, 2008
Scott's Story by CaughtNTheQuiet Rated: 4 - Wanton [Reviews - 0]
Summary: Scott's behavior toward his girlfriend brings him to the attention of the Mistress...a situation he'll come to regret.
Categories: The Attic > Due
Characters: None
Content Notes: Anal sex, BDSM, Dominance/submission, Dubious Consent, Foul Language, Handjob/Fingering, Humiliation, Multiple partners, NON-CON - Non-Consensual, forced sex or rape, Oral sex, S&M, Torture
Contest Entry: None
Genres: BDSM
Series: Mistress, Inc.
Chapters: 1 Table of Contents
Completed: No Word count: 5669 Read Count: 30
[Report This] Published: Jul 22, 2013 Updated: Jul 22, 2013

Brody Conway has made a life and a living talking about relationships and how important it is to nurture healthy friendships. She uses pop-culture to point out how the most successful characters on television, in movies, and in books are successful because they have strong friendships - “ people willing to help, guide, and love them through adventure and peace. Brody loves her life and considers herself happy and fulfilled. Until she meets two of the stars - “ Kelsey Morgan and Carly Michaels - “ from one of her favorite shows and discovers, ironically, that she hasn't got a clue about real relationships.

Brody's well-ordered life threatens to spiral out of control when Kelsey is savagely attacked by her ex-boyfriend. Brody, with the assistance of her friend and mentor, - “ a mysterious (and possibly criminal) international businesswoman known only as The Mistress - “ must deal with the fallout. As Brody does battle with the press, an unscrupulous lawyer, her burgeoning feelings for Kelsey, and her own past, Brody must examine her motives and risk being vulnerable in a way she swore she never would be again.

While Brody continues to work to keep her emotions in check and her life in control, Kelsey works just as hard to show Brody that life isn't about control. It's about love, friendship and connecting with other people. It's about all the things Brody has spent her life preaching without actually practicing.

Categories: The Salon, The Salon > Ladies > Stories
Characters: None
Content Notes: Complete, Female/Female - Yuri, Foul Language, Handjob/Fingering, NON-CON - Non-Consensual, forced sex or rape, Romance
Contest Entry: None
Genres: Romance, Same Sex
Series: Mistress, Inc.
Chapters: 13 Table of Contents
Completed: No Word count: 51453 Read Count: 55
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