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Author Topic: Topic of the Day Topics  (Read 1846 times)
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« on: April 22, 2018, 05:42:03 PM »

email to request edits or additions. Not all topics will be addressed each month.

The BDSM room is a haven for learning on any BDSM topic. To facilitate this, we have designated a Topic of the Day. Guests are welcome to bring up any questions or new topics at any time, but we will direct chat toward the stated topic if there is a lag in the chat. On Topic photographs, art, quotations, thoughts, ideas, definitions, links, questions, teaching, experiences, and even jokes are welcome during the day and chats.

We will provide a few articles to refer to before chat.

We do ask that only on-topic photos and art be shared so that we donít detract from the flow of chat.

leather/steel bondage,
impact play,
sensation play,
subspace/top space,
bdsm vs abuse,
etiquette/high protocol,
advice for new lifestylers
50 shades of bdsm myths
pervertables/diy toys/household toys
what is BDSM/philosophy
relationship dynamics/collar types/collaring
Room Guidelines - vision vs reality.
Role play online and off
Fear in the scene
BDSM vs. abuse
Journaling and journaling topics
Relationship rules
Public outings/public BDSM
BDSM in the media
Self-care for the unpaired
Tools and Toys
Self-training for the unpaired
How kinky is kinky?
Extremes in the lifestyle
Dreaming, BDSM fantasy scenes
Hot Pics, Hotter Quotes
BDSM horror stories/ how not to do it
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