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Author Topic: Topic Chat Topics  (Read 383 times)
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email to request edits or additions. Not all topics will be addressed each month.

The BDSM room is a haven for learning on any BDSM topic. To facilitate this, we have designated a Topic of the Day. Guests are welcome to bring up any questions or new topics at any time, but we will direct chat toward the stated topic if there is a lag in the chat. On Topic photographs, art, quotations, thoughts, ideas, definitions, links, questions, teaching, experiences, and even jokes are welcome during the day and chats.

We will provide a few articles to refer to before chat.

We do ask that only on-topic photos and art be shared so that we don’t detract from the flow of chat.

To add:
-What a submissive needs to expect and demand from a potential Dominant
-sterotypes of behavior being applied to control roles e.g. a sub refusing to do activities for a dominant because it wasn't what they considered dominant desires
-consent from all aspects, from the fallacy of implied consent to enthusiastic consent to expressed consent
-recipes and food play

•   The World's 10 Most Common Fetishes, Revealed
•   25 Fetishes You Probably Never Knew Existed
•   Metro’s A to Z of fetishes

sub drop/Top drop
leather/steel bondage
impact play
sensation play
subspace/top space
etiquette/high protocol

Advice for New Lifestylers

50 Shades of BDSM Myths

Pervertables/DIY Toys/Household Toys

Rewards and Punishment

What is BDSM/Philosophy                                                                                                                                     •
Relationship Dynamics/Collar Types/Collaring


Role Play Online and Off

Fear in the Scene

BDSM vs. Abuse

Journaling and journaling topics
Relationship rules
Public outings/public BDSM
Self-care for the unpaired
Tools and Toys
Self-training for the unpaired
How kinky is kinky?
Mental and Physical Handicaps in BDSM
The BDSM Spectrum

•   New to Gorean forums? by Dragon
•   The Word "slut" by Nahdia
•   Quotes of Gor           

BDSM and D/s as a Trend
•   How BDSM Culture Plays A Role In The Fashion Industry
•   SEX: The hottest trends
•   BedPost: Popular culture often misrepresents BDSM

Extremes in the lifestyle
•   BDSM Wiki
•   Defining GroinTorment: Genitorture & Groinbusting
•   Humiliation Chart - Ideas for BDSM Humiliation Play

Dreaming, BDSM fantasy scenes
•   13 Of The Kinkiest Fantasies People Are Into
•   How Common Are BDSM Fantasies?
•   24 Men Admit To The Perverted Sexual Fantasies They’re Too Embarrassed To Tell Anyone About

•   Some Tips For Online Task Development
•   12 Tasks for Your Sub To Do
•   Tasks and Projects – How To Keep Them In Line

Hot Pics, Hotter Quotes
•   BDSM on Pinterest
•   15 BDSM Tumblrs to satisfy all your kinks horror stories/ how not to do it

BDSM horror stories/ how not to do it
•   BDSM Dangers
•   A sobering reminder about the inherent dangers in what we do
•   Emergency Training for SM Practitioners

Game Day - the fun kind. We'll have a few chat games throughout the day
•   Room Slut
•   Pole Dancing
•   Harmony
•   Naughty Trivia
•   The Ballroom
•   Serves

How-To do your favorite BDSM thing
•   A Beginner's Guide to BDSM: Using and Enjoying Restraint Play Sex Toys
•   Beginner's Guide To Sensation Play
•   Role-Playing Scenarios
•   The Garden How-To

DD/lg, MD/lb, CG,l ageplay, infantilism, littles, middles, and Bigs
•   What is the DD/lg dynamic?
•   What Makes a Good Daddy/Mommy?
•   Littles and Age-players - What's the Difference?

Petplay, Animal play, Pony play
•   BDSM 101: What is Petplay?
•   Checklist for Petplay
•   Pet Play

BDSM and D/s art, stories, and poetry
•   The Masque The Attic
•   deviantArt BDSM
•   Poetry and Prose

•   What Does a Dom Mean When He Says, "You Need Training"
•   The Basics of Slave Training
•   An Introduction to BDSM: How to be a Dom

Dangerous BDSM
•   Exploring The Dunning-Kruger effect in BDSM
•   Walking In A Wannabee Wonderland: My Experience With A Wannabee Slave
•   Is S&M dangerous? Let’s look at the evidence

BDSM and the Law
•   The Law, S/M and You
•   CONSENT and BDSM: The State of the Law
•   WTF: Since When is BDSM Technically Against the Law?

•   The World's 10 Most Common Fetishes, Revealed
•   25 Fetishes You Probably Never Knew Existed
•   Metro’s A to Z of fetishes

BDSM in the Media
•   BDSM and the Media: The Influence of Media on the Perception of BDSM
•   BDSM in culture and media
•   BDSM Tropes
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