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Author Topic: May 2018 Topics  (Read 1203 times)
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« on: May 01, 2018, 10:43:15 PM »

The BDSM room is a haven for learning on any BDSM topic. To facilitate this, we have designated a Topic of the Day. Guests are welcome to bring up any questions or new topics at any time, but we will direct chat toward the stated topic if there is a lag in the chat. On Topic photographs, art, quotations, thoughts, ideas, definitions, links, questions, teaching, experiences, and even jokes are welcome during the day and chats.

We will provide a few articles to refer to before chat.

We do ask that only on-topic photos and art be shared so that we don’t detract from the flow of chat.

An active-link copy is here:

May 1
Advice for New Lifestylers
May 2
50 Shades of BDSM Myths
May 3
Pervertables/DIY Toys/Household Toys
May 4
Rewards and Punishment
May 5
What is BDSM/Philosophy
May 6
Relationship Dynamics/Collar Types/Collaring
May 7
May 8
Role Play Online and Off
May 9
Fear in the Scene
May 10
BDSM vs. Abuse
May 11

New to Gorean forums? by Dragon
The Word "slut" by Nahdia
Quotes of Gor
May 12
BDSM and D/s as a Trend

How BDSM Culture Plays A Role In The Fashion Industry
SEX: The hottest trends
BedPost: Popular culture often misrepresents BDSM
May 13
Extremes in the lifestyle

Defining GroinTorment: Genitorture & Groinbusting
Humiliation Chart - Ideas for BDSM Humiliation Play
May 14
Dreaming, BDSM fantasy scenes

13 Of The Kinkiest Fantasies People Are Into
How Common Are BDSM Fantasies?
24 Men Admit To The Perverted Sexual Fantasies They’re Too Embarrassed To Tell Anyone About
May 15

Some Tips For Online Task Development
12 Tasks for Your Sub To Do
Tasks and Projects – How To Keep Them In Line
May 16
Hot Pics, Hotter Quotes BDSM
BDSM on Pinterest
15 BDSM Tumblrs to satisfy all your kinks
May 17
BDSM horror stories/ how not to do it

BDSM Dangers
A sobering reminder about the inherent dangers in what we do
Emergency Training for SM Practitioners
May 18
Game Day - the fun kind. We'll have a few chat games throughout the day

Room Slut
Pole Dancing
Naughty Trivia
The Ballroom
May 19
How-To do your favorite BDSM thing

A Beginner's Guide to BDSM: Using and Enjoying Restraint Play Sex Toys
Beginner's Guide To Sensation Play
Role-Playing Scenarios
The Garden How-To
May 20
DD/lg, MD/lb, CG,l ageplay, infantilism, littles, middles, and Bigs

What is the DD/lg dynamic?
What Makes a Good Daddy/Mommy?
Littles and Age-players - What's the Difference?
May 21
Petplay, Animal play, Pony play

BDSM 101: What is Petplay?
Checklist for Petplay
Pet Play
May 22
BDSM and D/s art, stories, and poetry

The Masque The Attic
deviantArt BDSM
Poetry and Prose
May 23

What Does a Dom Mean When He Says, "You Need Training"
The Basics of Slave Training
An Introduction to BDSM: How to be a Dom
May 24
Dangerous BDSM

Exploring The Dunning-Kruger effect in BDSM
Walking In A Wannabee Wonderland: My Experience With A Wannabee Slave
Is S&M dangerous? Let’s look at the evidence
May 25
BDSM and the Law

The Law, S/M and You
CONSENT and BDSM: The State of the Law
WTF: Since When is BDSM Technically Against the Law?
May 26

The World's 10 Most Common Fetishes, Revealed
25 Fetishes You Probably Never Knew Existed
Metro’s A to Z of fetishes
May 27
BDSM in the Media

BDSM and the Media: The Influence of Media on the Perception of BDSM
BDSM in culture and media BDSM Tropes
May 28
Listening and Communication

How to Really Listen
Power of Listening
On Communication Within a Dom/Sub Partnership
May 29
Emotional Issues in Dom/Sub Relationships

Emotional Issues in Dom/Sub Relationships
Emotional Dependency in D/s Relationships
Submission and Codependency – A Discussion
May 30

How a Submissive Can Have Two Dominants and Make It Work (Hint: It Takes Communication)
Poly relationships and BDSM
Three’s a Crowd, Four’s a Harem
May 31
Keeping the Spark Alive

“What Are We Going To Do Today, Dom?” – Some Ideas to Keep A Dynamic… Dynamic
How to Keep Your BDSM Relationship Fresh
10 principles for healthy 24/7 D/s and M/s
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