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Author Topic: Shit on a bus  (Read 1575 times)
« on: March 22, 2008, 01:41:24 PM »

Dear TCWTYWTD...my life is a mess...I'm suicidal, my gf hates me, my online lover thinks I'm perfect and all I want to do is eat ice cream and not shower. I also don't want to go to work or get out of my pajamas.  I'm 5'something and a half and weight enough for a family of four...I'm okay looking and I'm pretty good at my job...which I'm going to lose because I can't and won't do the training they want me to do...I'm a fair writer and a decent human being but it seems I got my shit together...then left it on the bus

Dear Mess,

It does sound like there might be a touch of depression happening here.  I would suggest  looking at the counseling services available through your work insurance and going to speak with a therapist.  Depression is related to a chemical imbalance, and with the right combination of therapy and maybe a prescription, you might find you have a different outlook on things.  Including, why you won’t do the required training to keep your job.

If you have a girl friend that presumably hates you, then why is she still your girl friend?  It could be the relationship isn’t reaching its potential because of the undiagnosed depression. 

Take those first steps with counseling and you might find that your shit is still together waiting for you on the bus.

(First chick)

Dear Mess,

Without reading what the other chicks said, I’m saying that you need to first, get your tush to counseling (either with medication or not) and next get your tush to Weight Watchers or something similar. The first is because I do think you have a few issues you need to work through – starting with self-esteem and depression. The second is tied in with the self-esteem thing, since you mentioned weight in your letter. Clearly this is something that bugs you, so deal with it. Working with a Dr. on your depression will make losing weight, getting active and feeling good easier.

Enough with the can’t. Work only with the WILL.  You CAN do anything you want to. What you are and are not doing toward making joy in your life is a choice, albeit, I’m sure, not one you’re making consciously. If you want to live the way you are, you will continue to. The only way you’re going to move out of this phase in your life is through setting a goal and making the choice to change where you are and doing everything you possibly can to fulfill it, even if it means dragging ass off the couch when all you want to do is eat ice cream because you, your life and your goals are more important than anything else.

If your girlfriend hates you, why is she still there? I’m betting that you have a lot more going for you than you really have a soul-deep understanding of, especially if your online thinks you’re pretty neat, too.

Seeking help from us is a great start. Now go do something about it.

(Second chick)

Dude...or chick...

Wow – bunch o' stuff going on there, huh?

First – A doctor can help you figure out the depression thing.  You may need some chemical help and you probably should talk to a professional about whatever is going on to cause you get down when you've “got your shit together”.

Second – nothing wrong with not getting out of your pajamas...hey, Hugh Hefner, anyone?  However, he's got money and is eccentric.  A lofty goal, to be sure.

You don't say why you can't/won't do the training.  Religious? Physical? Personal? You need to reconcile with the why and decide if your reasons are valid.  If so, then you have your answer.  If not...then you still have your answer.

If your g/f really hates you – then you need to re-evaluate the relationship.  Why are you still with her? Why is she still with you?

You need to decide what you want from life and clear out whatever crap doesn't fit what you want your life to look like.

Good Luck!

(Third chick)
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I too decry the state of cleanliness on public transport 
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