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Author Topic: Virtual Gift  (Read 1267 times)
« on: March 22, 2008, 01:42:44 PM »

Ok, I'm sadly lacking a bit in the creativity department...
Valentine's is coming up and I'd like to get someone special something special... sooooo... what does one give someone like that when it can only be given online....? Any tips and ideas greatly appreciated!!
Dear Valentine,
Instead of “getting” why not “make”? Try writing a special, mushy letter or poem about how you feel or a sexy story describing a really hot or romantic fantasy. If you can, take a hot photo of yourself or a photo of flowers (or a nice sunset) to decorate the document with.
If you must “get”, try virtual flowers at http://omnicity.com/ or http://interrose.co.uk/free_virtual_rose_delivery_service.shtml.
Happy Valentine’s Day,
Second Chick

Dear Valentine,
I'm with the Second Chick on this one...a nice love letter is always good.  Or a story about what you'd like to do on Valentine's day if you *could* be together.  Describe the gift, the restaurant, the hotel room. 
That's my take on things...but that's also the writer in me talking.
Good luck and Happy VD
Third Chick

Dear Valentine,

I agree with the other two chicks.  Here’s a third option.  Do some “virtual” shopping.  Send emails back and forth with website links or photos of gifts, or a  virtual dream get away, pictures of lingerie, toys, spas, bubble baths, chocolate, plasma TVs you name it, the world is yours.
This can also help in the creativity department when describing the love letter or scenario, makes everything much more visual for the recipient.
Hope this all helps

First Chick.
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