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Author Topic: When You want to bare all...  (Read 2595 times)
« on: March 01, 2009, 05:34:22 PM »

Dear Three Chicks and Dude,

Iíve got a problem that Iím sure most women have, but Iím too shy to bring it up elsewhere.  I really, have this growing desire to do something sexual in a public place.  The fear of getting caught is basically what keeps me from doing it.  Well that and I canít bear the thought of telling my boyfriend and have him look at me all weird.

So what kind of things can I do either to hint around at him, or even do alone.  I already masturbate when Iím alone in the car, not to orgasm, but just so I get the thrill of being caught.  Iíll wear billowy skirts on a windy day without panties, or with some real skimpy ones. 

Just thinking about it makes my heart pound with excitement.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Wannabe exhibitionist in the Mid West

Dear WE,

I understand the desire to have sex in a public place...but getting caught is only one problem.  Where, When...can you be silent?  And, getting over the whole ďtoo shy to talk about it with my boyfriendĒ is crucial...if you can't talk about it...how ya gonna do it?

Next thing...minimize the chance of getting caught.  Yes, part of the thrill is in the maybe...but...you don't actually WANT to get caught.  Mall parking lots...far away from the entrance...same with grocery stores...public playgrounds/parks at night...an elevator...bathroom stall...those two are quite a bit riskier.  Long skirts without panties are always a helpful accessory.

But the key really is communication with your partner.  Once the two of you have talked about it, he may be able to come up with ideas.

Good luck,

Chick (number whatever I am this week)  3 (number added to give clarity to the Chick in question)

Dear Wannabe,

I suggest a minivan. Why a minivan you ask? Simple.....You and your man take a ride in a van....You strip whilst riding and then ride him....He'll get off on it and then BAM right in the midst of it, you throw open the sliding side door of the van and give everyone else a thrill....Problem solved!

The Dude

Dear WE-MW

If you canít even discuss it, how on earth are you gonna do it?

If youíre serious, though, good on ya! I would probably start someplace where cars at night arenít blinked at Ė the bus parkíníride for one or the mall at 9:30 pm. If you have the gumption, try a swingers club or a local BDSM munch/club. Really, totally, though, avoid places kids play. Seriously Ė donít get caught and put on some creepy-person list.

Have fun with your playtime!
Chick Two

Dear Wanna-Be,

I agree with the previous Chicks, start slow.  But before you even consider going Ďpublicí you need to go Ďprivateí.  This is something you can spring on a guy, and more than likely heíd be Ďupí for it, but why take the chance.  Do you talk about fantasies at all?  If so you can imagine a role play in the privacy of your own home. Talk like there are people around, have him whisper in your ear about all the people that could see you, add some excitement to the inside before you take it outside.  What about your living environment itself?  That might be a good place to start.  Do you have a private yard?  A balcony- even making love with windows or blinds open.

If you donít feel comfortable sharing your fantasy with your boyfriend, then Iíd say youíre not quite ready to take this to voyeur level.  If you are not comfortable sharing secrets, then how can you be sure heíd keep you safe on a public level?  Try talking even in a round about way, you might be pleasantly surprised.

Chick One

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« Reply #1 on: April 22, 2009, 03:22:14 AM »

Dear Wanna be

When I was much younger I had sex amid a load of quite prickly heather on the North Yorkshire Moors. I was a little scared but it was quite exciting too. However I believe we were spied on during the act by two red grouse who happened to be passing and I have always worried since if they took photographs and if so if they are still in circulation somewhere on the world wide internet.

p.s. I wouldnt recomend sex on the moors as the heather debris get in your knickers and itches like hell.
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« Reply #2 on: April 22, 2009, 10:37:51 PM »

check AudubonGoneWild.com *smirks*
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