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Author Topic: Bruises for Doc  (Read 1714 times)
« on: March 22, 2008, 02:33:28 PM »

OK Chicks, here goes…
i’m a sub/slave in a BDSM relation relationship.  As i’m sure you know, sessions can often leave marks.  Sometimes unplanned doctor visits come up before all wounds can be healed. (BTW, i’m not talking about visits that are required due to the severity of the session.)
What do you tell the Doc when they ask about the marks?  What if they have seen them on several occasions?  How do you keep them from assuming that you are being abused and calling social services?

Dear Patient,

Well first I have to applaud the Doctor for actually taking the time to ask you about the bruises.  Mandated Reporters or not, they often don’t ask, which is a shame.  However, I’m not going to get on that soapbox.

If the Doctor asks, I would quite simply state that you and your partner engage in consensual BDSM relations.  At this point the Physician would or should engage you as to whether you know safe play practices. 

If there are children in the house and the subject comes up, assure him/her that no “play” occurs when children are present, and you take measures to ensure the noise level is kept at a minimum.

Then I personally would ask if the Doctor had any personal objections to your lifestyle.  If they are open and tell you they do, ask them if they know of a “kink” friendly physician.

Good luck with your future appointments, keep us informed.

(First Chick)

Dear Patient,

Hey, congratulations on your good ouchies! If the doctor asks about the marks, just smile sweetly and say that they are totally consensual, and God, you so had fun getting them. Most people will take that and let it go. For a real bulldog, explain that you and your partner are involved in BDSM and that no, you will not testify and yes you will lie point blank to any law officer that comes to the door and say that you fell down the stairs in your one-story house.

If there is still an issue, go to the NCSF – National Coalition for Sexual Freedom website at and look for a kink-aware professional (there are doctors, lawyers & counseling professionals on the site). Cross check the names on the list with your insurance company’s website. These folks will not only smile back at you, but they may give you some pointers on bruise care (icing, arnica gel, etc) and safety and if you do get a doctor needed ouchie during play, they won’t call the cops because they know that yes, accidents happen.

(Second Chick)

Dear Patient,

IF he asks, be honest.  He may not depending on the severity and location of the bruises.  If you're honest about being in a consensual BDSM relationship, he's bound by law to keep quiet – doctor/patient confidentiality laws.

If he (or she) has a problem with your lifestyle, ask if s/he knows of a kink friendly doctor or check out the web

Hope this helps. Be Well and Safe.

(Third chick)
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« Reply #1 on: April 19, 2008, 06:22:35 PM »

Tell the doctor that your daytime job is a dummy in an automobile testing center. You could maybe dye your hair yellow and have white circles with black crosses in them painted about your person to substantiate this. Also give him a cup of tea and some chocolate to distract him during the visit.   
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