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Author Topic: New on the site 1.26.10  (Read 1243 times)
« on: January 26, 2010, 09:39:27 PM »

Scamp's Lady by Bleu Mushroom 2 - Provocative
When you're a Colonial rebel, even going to the market place can be dangerous. Detained by the British, Deborah Morgan's healing skills bring her to the attention of Col. Kit Marshall. He wants those skills almost as much as he wants Deborah. She fights him almost as much as she fights her growing feelings for him. A murder that both of them feel compelled to solve complicates their private war, set against the historical events of the Revolutionary War in the South. Scamp's Lady finds that, even with peace, jealousy and greed provoke battles that could cost her her life.

Deluxe Glory Hole - Chapter 1 by Lover 4 - Wanton
Sometime popularity is a problem but Chuck may have found a fun solution.

Men Are Like Cars by xpurrteez 4 - Wanton
A visitor gives lessons in sex to her neighbours. Beautiful Pia, an Internet sex star plans a 'sex free' holiday and ends up helping a virgin couple discover their sexual partnership and finds herself falling in love with an older man.

Strange Companion by Rajah Dodger 2 - Provocative
A couple having a lakeside tete-a-tete find their erotic endeavors observed and encouraged by an out-of-this-world observer

Deja-Vu by patricia51 4 - Wanton
A murdered policewoman battles a demonic serial killer. Again. And again. And... Story contains serious violence and both M/F and F/F sex.

Bettyboop on webcam by Mag58 3 - Risqué
A woman gets hooked on exposing herself on webcam then an admirer from close to home enters her life.

Death of a Master by dweaver999 4 - Wanton
Death leaves a hole in all of us, a pain that never goes away. What happens, however, when a Master dies, leaving his slaves bereft of his control and guidance. Valerie Burbon and her friends come face to face with such trauma when death interrupts the normal flow of their lives. How will they contend with the loss and pain that come? How will the slave herself, alone for the first time in years, deal with her unintended freedom? The death of a Master will touch all their lives.

The Burning Cross by bednhead69 1 - Conservative
Bothorn had known a fragile peace for the last thirty years under Crassious Thorn VI. But the warlord mage Aremen is building an army to reclaim his lands. It is up to Crassious three children to meet this threat and eliminate it once and for all, unless they kill each other first. But is Aremen the real threat, or just a prelude of things to come?

Mistress of the Deep by WolfPupsSubmission 2 - Provocative
The leather burns
I gasp, twisting.
As it caresses,
Down my chest, and between my legs...

Sweet Sin by WolfPupsSubmission 3 - Risqué
Dressed up in the clothes laid out, she is waiting, kneeling, when he walks through the door.  She shivers when he circles her like a wolf and teaches her that the public isn't always a bad audience.

Sweet Agony by WolfPupsSubmission 3 - Risqué
Beyond the blindfold there is him...beyond him there is nothing, because his is my everything, as my body belongs to him.

Angie's First Time by Saguaro 4 - Wanton
Angie does her best friend a last minute favor and ends up having a night she'll never forget.

Lunch by 1star 2 - Provocative
a girl takes lunch to her Master

Grab Bag by Wystan Ephraim 2 - Provocative
Candy gives a special man a Valentine's treat.

Aladdin and the Magic Lamp by Clvfan 4 - Wanton
An adult version of Disney's Aladdin. Contains the sex that Disney couldn't put in the kids movie, also extends beyond the marriage of Jasmine and Aladdin. Lets just say the Genie gets lucky.

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There will be updates once things sort out and new items come in but always give the main pages a look when you log in there.  Take care!

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Take care!  Have fun!  Rock on!  Tongue
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