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Author Topic: Resources for Homonyms and Homophones  (Read 571 times)
« on: July 25, 2010, 05:34:18 PM »

Trickie Woo posted this on The Masque Portego - I've transerred it over. BG

Resources for Homonyms and Homophones
Posted by Trickie Woo on October 8, 2008 at 1:00am

Benevolent Goddess told me that I should post these links so that others who might be interested could use them. I beta read for Snape/OFC stories and I find that the biggest problem I see is the use of the wrong homonyms and homophones. It's a problem that even surpasses the use of commas, my own weakest spot, and the use of my pet peeve 'seeing as' when 'since' or 'because' should be used.

I can't do much about totally eradicating 'seeing as', but I can do something about homonyms and homophones. These are the resources I use.

This is for Alan Cooper's Homonym List.


This one is for An English Homophone Dictionary, it will explain the difference between homonyms and homophones which is crucial if you want to use the correct word.


This is for OneLook, a dictionary search engine that searches close to 1000 dictionaries when you type in a word and click. I find it to be the most essential resource I use and I use it multiple times every single day.

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