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Author Topic: HOLIDAY CHALLENGE to all writers/photographers for Valentine's Day! by Haru 2009  (Read 1706 times)
« on: July 25, 2010, 09:21:11 PM »

HOLIDAY CHALLENGE to all writers/photographers for Valentine's Day!Posted by Haru on February 5, 2009 at 1:38am
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Delete Discussion Sorry I got this up so late as I've been doing a lot of blogs of late and it slipped my mind.

TO ALL WRITERS and PHOTOGRAPHERS of the Masque and Portego, here is your fun challenge for this month!

The theme is VALENTINE'S DAY! It's on Saturday, February 14th so PLEASE get your submissions in by then!

For photographers or if you draw and post those on Masque, try to find some romantic scenes and post them here too!

For writers, try writing a romantic poem to a loved one or talking about love in general! Or if you're a fan fiction writer, Harry Potter or other fandom writer (Buffy, Anime, etc.) try wrtiing a side story or short story with your favorite character couplings! What a good time for a new shipping or to make a story for an existing one!

Get your thinking caps on and let your hearts flow in making some fun pieces! I'll try to get something up too of my making soon before the deadline too. Most of all like any challenges, HAVE FUN!
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 Permalink Reply by Just Prowling on February 5, 2009 at 10:35pm
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Delete *shakes my head softly* Oh... you soooo shouldn't have asked for this. *grins wickedly* I answer your challenge. But on my terms. *winks*

The moon crept above the trees, casting a blue light atop the sea grape leaves. Steve shuffled along through the sugar sand, hands stuffed into his pockets, as the chill of February swept across the tip of the island. He glanced around and decided that this was the perfect spot; he shrugged out of his pack and set it down at his feet. The bell of the buoy rang out as the waves lapped across, the red light bobbing back and forth. He found himself mesmerized, losing a large chunk of time as he just stood there and stared.

A pair of hands snaked around his waist and he jumped, jolted from his daze. He melted back into his skin as her scent drifted into his nostrils. Her breath was light on the side of his neck while she tucked her chin into his shoulder. "Hey there handsome," she purred into his ear. His smile spread wide across his face and he tipped his head aside to nuzzle against her.

"You made it," he whispered on the night breeze. "I was beginning to think you didn't get my call."

"Like I would possibly leave you hanging, on this of all days." Her own smile grew as she skirted around, hands never leaving him. She tucked herself in against his chest as his arms encircled her shoulders. His heartbeat thudding against his chest, she all but purred as it thrummed in her ear.

"Hold on. I have something for you," he whispered adoringly, releasing her from his grip and crouching down to dig into his pack. Standing up once more he placed into her hands a single rose and a box of chocolates. "Happy Valentine's Day," he said softly. She threw her arms around him and held him in heartfelt desperation.

Steve dropped his gaze down and met her lips eagerly as she lifted her face to his, the gifts easily forgotten as they fell to the sand at their feet. Parting lips coaxing soft, sighing moans from their throats. Tongues twisting in a lewd tango of sensuous passion, skin radiating instantly as their bodies pressed desperately tight to each other.

They sunk to the white sand of the beach, bodies pulsing to the rhythm of the lapping waves. Her hands slid under his tee shirt and raked down his chest. His fingers tightened around her hips in retaliation and he bucked his pelvis up between her silky thighs and ground in with a dangerous growl.

It had been far too long since they'd last had the chance to be together like this. Their jobs and home lives made their chance romance difficult at best. Challenging at average. But in their six months together, the passion and romance was always there. Absence doesn't just make the heart grow fonder. It frustrates, infuriates and above all, creates a desperate, ravenous longing. Thank god for special holidays like this one.

His fingers curled into a fist at the back of her hair, his lips mashing against hers. Sucking hungrily at her tongue, her lips. Nipping at her chin, pulling desirous gasps and playful giggles from her. She braced herself as she pulled away, dream-laden eyes held in the crisp green pools of his. "Steve? You do love me don't you?" Her brows tightened with concern and he smiled in quiet ease.

"Oh, sweetheart. Of course I do."

"So tell me. Say it," she coaxed.

His lips smoothed out as he plunged into her pleading gaze. "Janet, I love you. I love you with all of my heart."

Her face softened and she tilted her head aside. Her eyes misted over, shining in the moonlight. "Really? You mean that?" He nodded and grinned up at her. "Then show me." Her eyes widened in demented glee as she plunged her hand sharply beneath his ribcage and tunneled through his organs until she had his heart clutched in her fist.

He hadn't even begun screaming yet, the shock and dismay too much to register. Only once she started to slowly tug his heart from between his lungs, did the screams of terror truly start. It hadn't lasted very long though; the light went out of his eyes a little too quickly. Which left her more than a little disappointed.

She held Steve's still beating heart up toward the moon and the winged cherub appeared from the silhouetted tree line. "Cupid. Please accept my humble offering?" He voice soft and calm as the blood dripped from her elbow.

Cupid bowed, took the heart from her hand and placed it into his satchel. He silently laid his hand upon her head and gave her the promised Valentine's gift, another year to walk the Earth.

Happy Valentine's Day!!!

© J.P. Bederwehl 2009

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 Permalink Reply by Haru on February 7, 2009 at 3:39pm
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Delete Clouds Breaking-A Haiku

It has been gloomy
But today the clouds cleared out
More lovely now!

Well hope it's a sign for a sunnier and thus lovelier weekend next week then! Keep those Valentine's Day pieces coming!

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 Permalink Reply by Haru on February 14, 2009 at 1:32pm
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Delete Valentine's Day

Today is the day for lovers.
Today is the day for reminding your loved one
About how much you care for them,
So make sure you get that done!


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 Permalink Reply by Haru on February 17, 2009 at 1:24pm
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Delete Thanks again for all who posted; like Easter will be the next time a Holiday Challenge is posted but keep on writing as usual for the Masque and here!
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Hi, the comical, bisexual Asian Canuck here!

« Reply #1 on: July 27, 2010, 10:30:38 AM »

This thread is closed for now BUT it's an example of Challenge writing posts to all of you when we do them-look possibly for the next one in the Fall for holidays too!

Just popping by in between hentai uploads...I mean, checking stuff online, right...

Take care!  Have fun!  Rock on!  Tongue
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