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Author Topic: S.O. March 15, 2008  (Read 900 times)
« on: March 22, 2008, 03:01:13 PM »

Logan Ainsley
Naughty one
It was a wild, windy, wet night when Captain Andy hit port fresh from a trek round the horn and back. His cloak was soaked from the rain and smelt of the seven sea's yet this did not deter him from deciding to sample some of the local delights as well as a feisty, busty wench or two. He arrived at the Skull Duggery Inn and opened the door as the wind rattled the roof, handing his prized sword to the inn keeper for safe keeping, Andy positioned himself by the bar, his dark black hair ringing wet and cold blue eyes scanning the inhabitants for a wench or two that would satisfy his inner desires.
His eyes catch a flicker of movement off to his left. At first he only sees and ankle, then as his eyes adjust to the shadows, He follows the ankle to a shin, then a thigh, around which he sees a garter. A smiles crosses his lips as he continues to drink in the form that has itself concealed in shadow. She must have seen him enter, and he wonders how long she will sit still before coming to him. He wont move to her, she knows his rules.
It had been 7 long months since he last felt her touch, her caress, her lips, her breasts, her tongue….oh that tongue. A shiver passes through him as he remembers their last night together. She made a promise to him when they parted,. The next time they were together, if he returned to her, she would have a surprise for him. She promised to bring him pleasure in ways he never imagined. A grin crossed her face as she said it, and there were many nights a sea that her words came back to him, haunting his mind and torturing his sleep. Finally, she rose and moved from the shadows walking towards him. His eyes widened as he noticed for the first time that she wasn’t alone. He felt his jaw slack open as he took in the beauty she trailed behind her. She spoke.
“Welcome home Andy. I hope you remember the promise I made you so long ago….”
“No, I haven’t forgotten, Victoria” he replied once he regained his voice. His eyes roaming over one beauty and then the other, drinking them in as if he were dying of thirst. “This is Melinda.” She said simply, turning to the younger woman, as she tilted her head up by her chin and kissed her fully and deeply on the lips. “Melinda, this is Captain Andy.” The younger woman’s eyes twinkled as she looked over Captain Andy and extended her hand “A pleasure to meet you, Sir. I have heard a lot about you.” Captain Andy kissed the delicate hand and looked to Victoria with questioning eyes. “Perhaps we would all be more comfortable up in my rooms, don’t you think?” Victoria asked no one in particular, but looked from Melinda to Captain Andy. At that, each woman took one of his hands and lead Him up the stairs into her suite. When they entered, the memories of past encounters ran through his mind. The many candles placed around the room, the lovely sofa that had cradled them so well, and oh, her bed…such a lovely bed, he could hardly wait..
Victoria glanced seductively over her shoulder before walking to the bed and gracefully sliding down onto the soft down coverlet. With a sensual wave she invites Andy over to her side, then kneels her blouse slipping off one shoulder as she leans towards Him. He stands waiting, restlessly wondering what she will do next and then with a flick of his powerful hand He slips the blouse down her shoulder, revealing the swells of full firm breasts. Melinda, not to be left out silently padded over and leaned against Him also, her full red lips pouted in invitation. “Please Capt, how may I be of assistance?”
Andy turned and grinned at Melinda ,"yes you may assist" he softly spoke as his hands pinched and teased away at Victoria's breasts. Melinda was a fine addition to their tryst, Andy knew that Victoria's sexual appetite was rather large and he wouldn't be surprised if she had educated Melinda during his absence. Melinda smiled softly and slipped her hand into his leggings and stroked his freshly aroused manhood feeling it harden. Victoria had shown her on a large cucumber how to orally pleasure such a man as the captain, and the feel of her own juices trailing down her legs was enticing. He removed Victoria clothes slowly, then buried his head between her breasts licking and gnawing at her bosoms like a wild animal having found his mate. She kneeled and swiftly removed his pants watching as he flicked them away without pause. Her lips trailed up along his thighs till she reached her prize a cock larger than most men she had met and so delectable. Sliding her mouth round it Melinda bobbed up and down while the Captain and Victoria moaned with deep desire
He felt Melinda’s lips on him as Victoria’s pleasures were revealed to him. Without even knowing he was doing it, his fingers entwined in her hair, gently urging her to take more of him. As he suckled on the ample breasts being fed to him by Victoria, he lost his balance and fell to his side. They never missed a beat as the two women followed him down. In a position more conducive to her newly acquired oral skills, Melinda took him all, swallowing his prodigious shaft down her throat. He never saw it coming, as Victoria crawled over him, placing her smoothly shaved pussy over His mouth. He reached with his neck and then with his tongue to taste her, and she giggled. Leaning over , it was her turn to tug some hair and she pulled his mouth just out of reach.
“Oh no, my dear Andy… Not tonight! Tonight Melinda and I will be the ones to dole out the pleasure to you, in increments that WE shall decide on. Its not your decision any more!” With another giggle, she lowered her sodden sex down on to him, grinding herself onto his flicking tongue. He felt Melinda’s teeth gently grip his shaft and then drag up his length. Suddenly, her mouth was gone from his shaft, and He whimpered a bit. His disappointment was soon relieved as he felt the wet silken walls of her pussy slide down on him, burying him inside her to his hilt..
She gripped his cock tight as she raised and lowered herself on him moving ever so slowly…inch by inch. Finally, he could take no more and gripped her hips and slammed her down…taking her in one swift move. Immediately Victoria pulled back his hands and cuffed them behind his back. “Now what did I tell you Andy? We are in control tonight…” an evil grin slipped across her face as he struggled against his bonds. Melinda lowered herself again on his shaft. Victoria sat next to her and the two women began kissing each other passionately…fondling each other’s breasts, as Andy helplessly watched
His need grew even more urgent as he watched the two women play. He thrust his hips up into Melinda. Her hips began to rock against Him as her juices flowed over his shaft. Faster and harder she moved as Victoria pinched and twisted her nipples, and she returned the favor. When he could not take another moment he said…
As he opened his mouth to speak, Victoria stuffed a part of the bed sheet into his mouth, “shhhhhh. This is quiet time”. She watched his face intently watching it turn redder and redder, at the last second, she pulled Melinda off of Andy, Melinda’s squawk of indignation being ignored momentarily as she took matters into her own hands sliding on Andy in reverse cowgirl and leaning forward to suck deftly on Melissa’s fully erect clit. Melissa’s moans returned tenfold along with Andy’s muffled sighs and groans. Victoria’s arms pulled her back and forth, making the pressure on Mellissa’s clit wax and wane. To keep the bound silent man under her from coming too soon she slowed down using one hand to stimulate herself, and the other supporting her as she made Melissa writhe.
When she felt that final, painful build she let loose with all her fury pummeling Andy’s cock, fingering and sucking Melissa’s pussy. She felt both of her lover’s tense, and then the room was full of female screams as the pleasure crested into an exquisite moment of excruciating pleasure, as she felt Andy’s cock throb in her and Melissa’s pussy gushed juices deep in her throat. When the room pieced back together in her vision she laid her head against Melissa’s stomach still connected to Andy. That is how they fell asleep, cradled in the arms of Afterglow.

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