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Author Topic: FanFic - Library Chat proposal  (Read 588 times)
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« on: August 04, 2018, 03:27:19 PM »

Sometime around 2001 a group of Harry Potter fans that had a bbs with a chat room and one day two people found themselves in it together, so they put out a message for people to come in and live chat for the first time. It was preposterously popular. We talked about college and studying and Potter and fanfic. Soon there was a schedule and it went on for some time until Yahoo yanked the feature with no warning.

The chat floated to another site where we talked about boyfriends and books and writing. After some time, the ads started becoming extremely pornographic to such a comedic effect it became distracting, so we had to move again.

We went to Chatzy where we talked about husbands and writing full vs. part time and kids and knitting and books and cheesemaking.


It was a cozy place full of friendly faces, whether they be happy or downright cranky, bonded together by love of fiction and writing and sometimes handicrafts and blowing off steam and I miss it.


We had little challenges, like where we wrote in 10 minute bursts. Once we brainstormed a story that became the fic Floo Flashers. Sometimes we had campfire rounds where everyone got a chance to add to the crackpot story.


Whether we were having a lazy night or an afternoon with games it was all great fun.


The hours that always worked for us were late Friday afternoons and evenings, from noon to midnight Saturdays, and sometimes Sunday mornings and evenings. If there was a national catastrophe or an election or something people tended to shuffle in while waiting for news reports.


I donít know what your schedule is like, or how your platform works, but Iíd like to start it again. If word gets out there will be a small group of older fans interested, and if thereís a moderator in the room it will be successful. If thereís a live mod talking to people as they come in increases their chances of staying in longer and creates larger crowds throughout the day.


Thanks for your consideration,
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