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Author Topic: Lost sock II (prologue)  (Read 740 times)
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« on: April 09, 2008, 07:55:32 AM »

I was asked by Saguaro whatever happens to the socks that mysteriously disappear from the drying machine? I misread this question and gave him the reason for disappearances from washing machines. The two events are only vaguely connected and therefore the answer I gave, though it is correct for washing machines,did not answer the question as asked. To answer the question correctly we first have to understand the beginnings of the universe and the repurcussions of this event. To this end I have republished below my blog on the subject which first saw the light of day in "360" and was in itself a follow on from the blog "Is the Queen a robot". If anyone is interested in that then it is available in 360 or I will republish here upon request. The relavent paragraphs have been highlighted.So read on:-

 An unimaginably long time ago, when all that existed were a few stray molecules of gas and all there was to watch on the telly were repeats of “I Love Lucy” the Little Blue Things gathered on a mission of change.

Bored by the starkness of it all they planned and then implemented the “Big Bang” which was the start of life, the universe and lots of other stuff.

However one Little Blue Thing, being a little smarter than the rest and shortly before the Big Bang, took out a patent on Expanding Universes. This has always been thought of as the shrewdest patent ever applied for. Even now all residents of the Universe who pay income tax contribute a miniscule part of it to the Little Blue Thing and will continue to do so until expansion stops.

Even though the individual payment is very small, when multiplied by the number of beings on the millions of planets involved then it is a huge sum. So much in fact that the Little Blue Thing now owns 50% of the Universes known resources. It is in fact the richest being in the Universe, sentient or not.

Of course some planetary systems eventually decide they don’t wish to pay.  Warnings of default are sent out and if resistance to payment continues then a super nova is the usual outcome and notices of default become superfluous. Little Blue Things are not known for patience or sentimentality.

The Little Blue Thing in question currently resides stuck to an oak beam in the public bar of the Dog and Goose pub in Leamington Spa. It is awaiting the outcome of negotiations to buy the Earth from its present owners. Currently it is owned communally by a rabbit like race of beings on the planet Blick, otherwise known as Alnilam IV,under the company name of ACME Laboratory suppliers Inc. The residents of Blick are suffering a catastrophic reduction in population and are selling off their assets in order to migrate to another star system in an attempt to stave off complete extinction.
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