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Author Topic: On The Fine Art of Writing a Review  (Read 634 times)
« on: June 19, 2008, 07:46:06 PM »

On The Fine Art of Writing a Review: The “Love it”, “Hated it” and the “Mmmm” of it All

Review? Why bother?

What you read and see at The Masque is art. It may not be created by a professional (though certainly some of it is) but it is art, and should be treated that way. Authors, artists and photographers work hard to create something for you to enjoy. It takes time, energy and emotion to create what you’re seeing in the flash of an eye.

It takes a great deal of bravery to post something that has taken so much time and energy for the public to see and dissect. Authors lay bare their fantasies and artists expose their sweat and sore hands to their audience, models are showing their bodies to strangers. Each one is putting him or herself on display.

The authors, artists, photographers and models of The Masque deserve recognition on their work. They deserve recognition for their efforts, courage and their generosity in showing you pieces of themselves. The best way to give that recognition is to leave feedback or a review by clicking the “Leave Feedback/Leave a Review” button on the page that you’ve just viewed.

How to write a review

A gentle reminder before anything else is said is that reviews should be left concerning the quality of the piece and the emotions invoked rather than judging the content of the piece. If you find that your emotions are so heavily negative concerning the work because of the content, please wait to review the work until your emotions have calmed and you can write a reasonably objective review the focuses on the writer’s style and skill rather than your emotional distaste. It’s really important to be unbiased in writing your reviews – both positively and negatively – so the author grows in skill.

While a simple “great story” note and a star number is acceptable – it shows the author that someone has read and possibly enjoyed the story, why not leave a more constructive review?  At The Masque, we encourage con-crit (constructive criticism) to help authors. This doesn’t mean that every story has a list of things to work on; it could also be that the author should keep doing a certain thing.

At the bottom of each chapter and each photograph/drawing, there is a place to add a review/feedback. Type in your comments and click the submission button.

Anonymous reviews are not allowed. Flames– that is unreasonable critiques – and personal attacks are also not allowed.

Some things to bring up in a constructive review:
- Was the summary well written and did it accurately describe the story? “How could it have been improved? How was it good?
- Were the content notes accurate? Should others be included?
- The plot was _____ (imaginative, original, believable, unrealistic, ....) because _____.
- The visual descriptions were _____ (perfect, not enough, lush, gorgeous, inaccurate) because ___
- The characters were ___ (just like real people, humans, exactly what I imagined, one sided, needed depth). My favorite character was ____ because ____.
- I thought this story could use a bit of work on ____ (realism, dialog, grammar, ...)
- The emotions this picture/story brought out in me were _____.
- My overall opinion of this story is that it ________.
- What I like most about this picture is ____.
- The element that I find most jarring/most pleasing in this photograph is ____
- The next time you take an erotic photo/draw, you should pay attention to ____.
- The background elements are ____ (great, too busy, distracting, amazing, how did you do that).
- The model in your photo is ______ (beautiful, inappropriate for the manip you chose, looks uncomfortable, looks like she’s having fun.)
- I couldn’t really get in to your story because _____ but I did like how you _____.
- Leave a star number.

Please take just a moment when you are finished reading or seeing a photo or drawing, to leave a note for the author or artist. A meaningful review only takes a few seconds but the author or artist appreciates forever.
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