I need some help with The WIKtT Archives. We are wrapping the old Obscurus Books site into it's own "book" on TWA and I need some help getting everything moved over. Can you help? Drop me a line through the link below.

- on 03/17/2016 02:03 am 3 Comments

What kind of help are you needing? I'm not sure that my skill set would meet your needs but I am willing to help if you could let me know what exactly it all entails? Please advise. Thanks for your assistance in this matter.
- hoppyjoker on 03/24/2016 04:42 pm
Unrelated, but I can't figure out how to fix this otherwise: I click on "Gallery" and an error message says, "You are currently banned from using this site." Wut? This is the first time I've tried logging in for probably 5 years or so, and I tried a lot of passwords before one worked.
- AvadaKefatta on 05/04/2016 08:33 pm

AvadaKafetta, you need to register separately for the gallery. 


- admin on 03/04/2017 01:26 am
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