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Reviewer: RogueMudblood Signed [Report This]
Date: 11/07/2009 09:16 pm Title: Magnolia

I confess to being confused as to why this fiction is archived here.  Hermione makes a vrey brief appearance in your narrative ... and Severus is completely absent.

I am not a fan of slash, generally, but I read it through, and one thing puzzles me.

The last line of Ron's POV says "Will you ever know that?"

The last line of Draco's says "he still loved me"...

How can he still love him when he just discovered it himself?  The way you've told this, I'm really not following your Draco characterization.  He shouldn't be surprised at Ron's taunts - they're par for the course for these two.  And I know we all say Draco's whiny, but you've written him as a very convincing girl... Not just a whiny boy.  Effeminate is one thing.  Being a girl is another.

 Do you have this archived somewhere else with different characters?  Because it is very familiar to me...  But I can't really say that I remember Draco and Ron being the lead characters...

Author's Response:

This is in the section that isn't Snape/Hermione fiction, so it's perfectly fine to be archived here. The fic is AU, it's not meant to follow canon.

No, this doesn't have different characters. 


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