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Masked dancers, in glowing silks and shimmering satin costumes and dominos gavotte under the candlelight of Murano crystal chandeliers. Velvet-curtained alcoves conceal card games and trysts while musicians in one corner play for the dancers. Uniformed footmen offer champagne to all. Resting on a table near a gilded door, are feathered half-masks for newcomers.

The Masque, The WIKtT Archives, and The Garden share a chat.


Chat Entrance


The Library: Readers and Writers Chat Rules

You will need to log into chat and then navigate to the Writers' Library to access chat.

Every weekend, this Library is reserved for the adults only WIKtT Group chat. If this is not your preferred topic, please join another room.

Be respectful of all chatters.

Use constructive criticism. No flaming of stories or art.

This room is normally for discussion between authors and readers in any genre.

Absolutely no genital pictures, RP requests, or messenger solicitations are allowed in this room and posting them is a bannable offense.

The Masque, The WIKtT Archives, and The Garden Ballroom Chat rules

No one under the age of 18 is allowed on any The Masque Network website, no matter the laws in the country of residence. The Chat Monitors and Hosts will promptly remove any and all minors.

NO under-age, incest, snuff, extreme violent sexual abuse, or bestiality role play, discussion, or requests are allowed, and offending chatters will be booted and banned without warning. Anyone found to be promoting illegal activities or distributing child pornography anywhere on The Masque and affiliated sites, including chat, will be reported to the appropriate authorities without mercy or hesitation.

No Chat Monitor will ask you for personal information to prove your identity, nor will you be asked by any chat or site official or Board member for your password or to go to another site to provide that information. If you are approached, do not follow instructions and do not download any files made available or linked to in chat.

No flooding, SPAMming, trolling, cloning, hacking, exploiting, spoofing, harassing, or racism. The Masque and affiliated sites are in no way responsible for any damage as a result of clicking on any non-native site link.

Though we try to monitor chat, The Masque and affiliated sites and the Board are not responsible for any events, circumstances or actions perpetrated by those in or out of the chat room. Flag any offending post.

The chat rooms are monitored randomly by volunteer Chat Monitors and hosts. They have a broad spectrum of duties in the Ballroom, including aiding in the flow and function of chats and games and ensure that rules are followed. All CMs and Hosts can and will remove chatters (boot) and/or ban at will, according to the Courtesan's rules. Please be respectful of their time and energy.

Please log-in one username at one time.

Each chatter is provided with an ignore button. Instead of causing drama and stress, flag the chatter's post and use the button provided on the offending chatter's profile.

No means no. Stop means stop. Neither one mean "maybe". Cease and desist when told to.


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