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Summary: There is no such thing as a tidy ending. By sophierom for rhitmcshanm.
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Updated: 08/13/2017
Story Notes:
Recipient: rhitroadkill (rhitmcshanm)
Title: Resolution
Author: sophierom
Rating: General Audience
Warnings: None
Summary: There is no such thing as a tidy ending.
Prompt: Number 3: A holiday fic. Doesn't have to be any certain holiday, just something that captures the spirit of said holiday.

A/N: Dear rhitroadkill, I'm not sure how well the story fulfills the prompt, but I do hope you enjoy. Thanks for giving me a reason to write! Also, a big thanks to (name withheld) for her invaluable suggestions! She's the greatest. Any mistakes are a result of my dorkiness.     

1. Chapter 1 by SSHG Exchange Mod [Reviews - 16] (6134 words)

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