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Summary: Hermione runs into Snape, who is living as a Muggle, having escaped near-death
Rated: Conservative
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Story Notes:
Recipient: hayseed_42

Title: Letters to No One
Author: ginny_weasley31
Rating: Teen-friendly
Warnings: I refuse to comment on the grounds that it might incriminate me... but look at the rating. Would this really be a teen-friendly story that included rape, violence or graphic sexxors?
Prompt: Hermione runs into Snape, who is living as a Muggle, having escaped near-death in a fashion of your choosing. What happens next? The impact this may or may not have on her marriage is up to you as well.

Author's Notes: Hayseed has been a well-known SS/HG writer for a long time and she has written us some excellent stories. One of her most memorable is ‘Getting the Hang of Thursdays'. That story is the primary reason why I elected to write two different endings to this short tale. On a whole, I don't really agree with writing two separate endings, but sometimes an author clearly sees two different paths and in this circumstance it seemed suitable to give both options. So, when you get to the end, pick one... if you don't like that one, try the other.

I hope that you enjoy! Many thanks go to my beta and to my brit-picker. 

Oh, and my beta wanted me to put a tissue warning... so consider yourselves warned.     

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3. Chapter 3 by SSHG Exchange Mod [Reviews - 1] (1301 words)

4. Chapter 4 by SSHG Exchange Mod [Reviews - 1] (2031 words)

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