Published Writer Policy

I LOVE promoting published authors who have posted stories with us (and we have a few both on paper and e-pub). I'm so happy to be able shout your wonderful news when you have something new in my newsletters and letting you use the TM space to entice people to you.

The biggest trick is getting our oh-so-jaded readers to pay attention to more than just your story is giving them something they want - advice on how to get where you are, too.

I do ask that you not post first chapters that will force a reader to either purchase something or abandon the story. If you upload, please upload a complete story, even if it’s not all uploaded at once.

A great way to get more attention (and more mentions in my weekly newsletter that’s potentially read by about 30,000 people) is to upload a multi-chaptered story bit by bit over a course of several weeks. That way, you gain a following on the site and people are more likely to want to read more.

Join our social networking group "The Portego", fill out your profile with banners, descriptions, etc. for your work and promote your books through your blog space available there. I bet that if you interspersed that with hints on writing - both the pen to paper hints and tips as well as the process of publishing, you'd get a LOT of lookers, both writers and readers.

You’re more than welcome to upload information in text and picture format to your profile on the site. Instructions on how to upload a photo to your bio page are here:

• Log in to your account.
• On the User control panel, click Manage Images
• Upload a new image. Please do not use someone else’s copyrighted image or a “public domain” image. At The Masque, we feel like there’s no such thing as “public domain” – just not getting caught.
• Copy (Ctrl-C) the text under “HTML code to use image in story” and between the Quotation marks. (Example: stories/5/images/filename.jpg )
• Go back to your user control panel and click Edit Bio
• Confirm that the information is still correct as sometimes the information defaults when revisited.
• Near the bottom of the page, in the box next to Image, paste (Ctrl-V) in the file path that you copied on the other page.
• Click Submit.

You may also use the entire HTML image tag to load a photo into the text box of your bio, as well.

The Masque is a small site – but it’s growing exponentially every single day. Every corner of the site is seen by a handful of people and continues to grow. I’m more than happy to let you promote your work on The Masque because your stories and blogs help The Masque grow too. It’s totally a win-win situation.


To upload a story:

First, register in the top left corner of this page

On this page select Add New Story

That will bring you to the story submission page. Fill in all of the information. This page will tell you where things should go. (I'm a little prettier than Lit and divide things into categories based on who is in the story, rather than what sex acts are involved, since that's kind of yucky.)

When your story is in properly, you'll be automatically taken back to your Story Management page.

Let me know if I can help in any way.

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