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Have you ever by kashmirLE 1 - Conservative
Have you ever watched the birds up in the sky
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After leaving your gondola with the aid of a uniformed servant, you enter the foyer of an elegant palazzo, just off the Grand Canal. Owned by one of the most beautiful and notorious cortigiana onesta in Venice, the palazzo is well known to be home to elegant literary salons and lavishly profane parties. Music and laughter float down the pale marble stairs, inviting guests to follow. Ancient tapestries line the walls, glowing richly in the dim light as you ascend the stairs. Men and women in ornate, outlandish costumes glide through large doors, their silks and satins glow in the warm candlelight. Their faces are hidden in traditional or fanciful works of art, made by the finest mask makers in Venice.

A song, a sonnet, a tale, a jewel under glass and gold casket; gifts from honored guests in the courtesan's home are displayed in alcoves set into walls of the staircase. In a small antechamber, velvet cloaks and sturdy chopins are guarded by a footman and maid, flirting in the few quiet moments. Jewelled fingers caress the rich mahogany handrail; cool marble stairs pass under elegantly slippered feet and rustling satin. After announcing the newest guests, the imposing majordomo guides them to the receiving line to greet The Courtesan. Played on a harpsichord with violins behind, the minuet beckons guests to join disguised cyprians, rogues, and Venetian nobility as they dance in an elegant ritual of seduction and power.

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A Guy and His...? by PARS001 4 - Wanton
A guy discovers a strange bottle upon opening it, finds things quickly begin spiraling out of his control. A Beautiful woman appears then another and another. They all wanted sex, they all wanted him? Yowsa!

The Mysterious Mr A by andone 4 - Wanton
A struggling writer creates an alter ego to inspire him by living out his fantasies.

Weft of Power, Warp of Blood: A Tapestry of Desire by cis 4 - Wanton
Fashioned in Black's midnight dreams, brewed by Snape in blood… A silken tapestry of lust and the survival of a slave’s power, a woman’s desire, a wife's desperation and a schoolgirl's yearning, woven through the lives of those trying to live...

The Conversation by andone 4 - Wanton
A bit of writing to hopefully get me back into do more .Please Enjoy

One Last Time: A Story of Freedom by Norische 2 - Provocative
Kneeling before her Master one last time.

Transfiguration by Hai Ning 1 - Conservative
December 31, 2000, San Francisco. I watch that crystal ball drop at Time Square.     

The Walk by BlueEydDvl 2 - Provocative
Walking through the woods with a new lover. An allegory.

The Christmas Toy by daintydangerous 4 - Wanton
She is the best Christmas present life could have given me. 

Taking Advantage by chiefof86 4 - Wanton
She'd wanted her best friend for forever. Tonight was her chance.

Running by ruby slippers 4 - Wanton
A stubborn submissive learns a violent lesson.

Rhapsody: Memoirs of a Vampyre by Norische 2 - Provocative
How she became a vampire.

Need A Little Company by heatandchills 4 - Wanton
An assertive voluptuous brunette coed who decides to relieve some tension by throwing herself at the nearest guy available. The mild-mannered guy is instantly in shock over the fact that he's suddenly become her lover. Using her natural attractiveness...

More Of You Tomorrow by daintydangerous 4 - Wanton
Helping my wife come with our strap on.

Mating Rituals of the American Midwest by ruby slippers 4 - Wanton
A sexy stranger seduces a local bartender.

In the Stacks by ruby slippers 4 - Wanton
A submissive is summoned to the university library.

Gina at the Office by chiefof86 4 - Wanton
Gina both loved and hated her job. She loved the engaging work, the people with whom she worked, and the flexibility of the hours. She hated it because....well, it was WORK. It kept her from pursuing her passions, most of which revolved around sex  ...

Consume by BlueEydDvl 3 - Risqué
An ache to consume, to be consumed. 

Clean by ruby slippers 4 - Wanton
A professor teaches his mistress in the shower.

Buy Something Red by ruby slippers 4 - Wanton
A submissive goes lingerie shopping.

The Moment by Hai Ning 1 - Conservative
The Wall Street Journal, eroded, frail and yellow,    

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