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Sometimes That's What It Takes by SSHG Exchange Mod Provocative
Hermione despairs of Snape ever wanting her for anything more than running his...
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Buona sera y benvenuto
Nestled in the courtsan's library is a very special book featuring the characters from J.K. Rowling's Harry Potter novels. This volume is written by many authors but most concentrate on the love story between Hermione Granger and Severus Snape. These stories are fan fiction, and each honors the written word of J.K. Rowling while exploring the flights of imagination that her characters and stories inspired. On the first page of our book, the curious title of the book is explained: 

When I Kissed the Teacher ~ The Love Story of Severus and Hermione in Words and Pictures.
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A Discovery of Witches Erotica Contest

11/9/17 Congratulations to the authors of our Discovery of Witches prompt contest! They all wrote great stories. Our winner is Fred Stephens, author of Under the Samhain Moon! Fred wins a bunch of signed novels. A huge thank you to Fred, andone, CaughtInTheQuiet, and Pars01 for sending wonderful stories!...

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Obscurus Books
Please explore the newest addition to The WIKTT Archives, Obscurus Books. OB is an old fic site that closed down some time ago. Because it was a wonderful collection, I sought permission from the original curator, Molly, to restore the collection on TWA. The OB collection remains the same as it did in...

- on 09/19/2016 04:02 am 3 Comments

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Hiding by SSHG Exchange Mod Conservative
If you live a life of lies, how long can you go without telling anyone the truth and keep your sanity? And who would be safe to tell? By ubiquirk for Poemomm.

Cursed by SSHG Exchange Mod Conservative
Hermione seeks an elusive cure for the lasting effects of a curse Bellatrix Lestrange managed to hit her with during the Battle of Hogwarts. Her life has been lost to endless bouts of pain and despair that have plagued her these last two years. But her...

The One I'm Waiting For by SSHG Exchange Mod Provocative
Hermione suspects Severus Snape is alive but he continues to be elusive as her life changes.  By GeminiScorp for Deemichelle

Planting Paradise by SSHG Exchange Mod Conservative
Potion!Mistress Granger arrives on an exotic island to harvest some rare plants. What happens when she meets a mysterious stranger? By timestep for lipasnape

Persona Contrara by SSHG Exchange Mod Mature
She was a witch with ambition and a mission. He was a wizard with a notion for a potion. Together they would find chaos and devotion. Can a simple potion save the world? Perhaps not, but for Lord Voldemort and the Death Eaters it is bound to confound...

The Life Debt by SSHG Exchange Mod Conservative
Snape survives due to help from Hermione. She goes back and helps him? Harry had told her about Snape's love for Lily and she confronts him about that he can love. Anything can happen from there. By AnnieTalbot for Schmoo999.

The Unspeakable Canteen by SSHG Exchange Mod Conservative
A middle aged Hermione growing weary of Weasley finds, to her pleasant surprise, the long dead Snape is very much alive, thank you. Conversation ensues. By snarkypants for Bloodcult of Freud.

The Claddagh Ring by SSHG Exchange Mod Provocative
Severus Snape had lost something precious in the Battle of Hogwarts, and it hadn't been his life. Hermione Granger seemed to have this precious something that Severus Snape had lost. Could it be a Claddagh ring or something else completely? By ferporcel...

A Philopena for Hawthorntree by SSHG Exchange Mod Provocative
Hermione attends a rare book auction where she encounters Snape. By ladyclover for Hawthorntree.

While You Were Sleeping by SSHG Exchange Mod Conservative
Death was supposed to set him free, one way or another, not leave him trapped in his own shattering mind and only the voice of Hermione Granger for a distraction. By missmiah for Annietalbot

The Uninvited by SSHG Exchange Mod Conservative
There are two Snapes. Which one is real? How did the "fake" Severus get there (potion, AU, time turner)? If Snape is married/involved with Hermione, does she notice? Maybe he made some kind of deal with a seer/deity/magic wish and switches places...

Winter of Our Discontent by SSHG Exchange Mod Provocative
A Christmas gift exchange gone awry. Or, what happens when Headmistress McGonagall can't take the bickering between two of her employees any longer. By losille for the community

Little Girl, Granger, Hermione by SSHG Exchange Mod Conservative
When did you change, Granger? When did you grow up? While I was trying to keep myself alive and wallowing in my memories, you fought a war and saw the future. By knightofswords for Jehove

Pieces of a Fractured Soul by SSHG Exchange Mod Mature
Harry's obsession with the Half-Blood Prince's spells has disastrous results for Hermione and Professor Snape when a classroom hexing exercise goes awry. By eeyore9990 for Warren1889.

Picking up the Pieces by SSHG Exchange Mod Provocative
Hermione and Ron travel to Australia to find her parents. When they cannot find them, Ron becomes an annoying brat, and Hermione bumps into a very much alive Snape. By shadow_ks for Wolf_Moonshadow

Of Informants and Admirers by SSHG Exchange Mod Conservative
After receiving anonymous letters from an amorous Death Eater and a mysterious informant, Hermione finds herself working with Severus Snape to bring about the defeat of Voldemort. By anogete for Acciobook7

The Long Way Home by SSHG Exchange Mod Mature
The rise of the New Pure-Blood Party in Europe sends Severus Snape and his new partner, Hermione Granger, to Bulgaria, deep undercover. Cut off from everyone they know, they come to rely upon one another. A tragic misunderstanding separates them, until...

Letters to No One by SSHG Exchange Mod Conservative
Hermione runs into Snape, who is living as a Muggle, having escaped near-death

The Men that I Used to Sport With by SSHG Exchange Mod Explicit
If you mean to keep something a secret, don't tell anybody. Since Harry failed to stick to this fundamental rule, neither he nor Hermione ought to be surprised that somebody used the Resurrection Stone, twenty-two years after it was abandoned in the...

Resolution by SSHG Exchange Mod Conservative
There is no such thing as a tidy ending. By sophierom for rhitmcshanm.

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