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She wants what she can't have. The Minister of Magic helps.
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Buona sera y benvenuto
Nestled in the courtsan's library is a very special book featuring the characters from J.K. Rowling's Harry Potter novels. This volume is written by many authors but most concentrate on the love story between Hermione Granger and Severus Snape. These stories are fan fiction, and each honors the written word of J.K. Rowling while exploring the flights of imagination that her characters and stories inspired. On the first page of our book, the curious title of the book is explained: 

When I Kissed the Teacher ~ The Love Story of Severus and Hermione in Words and Pictures.
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Obscurus Books
Please explore the newest addition to The WIKTT Archives, Obscurus Books. OB is an old fic site that closed down some time ago. Because it was a wonderful collection, I sought permission from the original curator, Molly, to restore the collection on TWA. The OB collection remains the same as it did in...

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Most Recent
Second Hand Wand by SSHG Exchange Mod Provocative
Prompts: 1. Snape survives Nagini's bite, but nobody (including him) knows how. He is convinced that Hermione had something to do with it and tracks her down -- turns out she didn't and they figure out together what did happen. There may be implications...

More Than He Bargained For by SSHG Exchange Mod Mature
Harry wants Hermione and Severus to expand their social circles. He devises a plot to bring them together, but he is completely unprepared for the results. By emmeline33 for Leandra713

Two (Intellectually?) Lonely People by SSHG Exchange Mod Provocative
With the 'help' of a meddlesome ghost, the librarian of The Old Alexandrine: Bibliothèque Antique hatches a Plan for his two most regular patrons. By Angel Mischa for Acadia elle

The Trouble with Kneazles by SSHG Exchange Mod Provocative
Severus is content living as a Muggle with Mrs Figg...or he would be if it wasn't for those confounded Kneazles of hers... By thesporkwielder for Wolf Moonshdow

Darkest Before the Light by SSHG Exchange Mod Explicit
Someone wants Snape and Hermione together - thinks they'd be a perfect pair. Kidnapped, separately via Portkey, they're trapped deep within a darkened, older forest without their wands. They've a tent and supplies enough to last a few weeks...

State Secrets by SSHG Exchange Mod Provocative
Hermione tries something new to meet someone new, with surprising results. By scribliz for Geminiscorp

Felis Familiaris by SSHG Exchange Mod Provocative
As the New Year approaches during Hermione Granger's second year at Hogwarts, she knows she has problems: The Chamber of Secrets has been opened, there is a monster on the loose, people are getting petrified, and she's covered in fur and has a...

These Foolish Things by SSHG Exchange Mod Provocative
When Hermione buys a house she gets more than she bargained for. By belgeste for JunoMagic.

Mercenary Games by SSHG Exchange Mod Explicit
Hermione lands at Grimmauld Place, half naked, in the middle of the night. Mystery and mayhem ensues! By tinytexans for Silburygirl

Lost & Found by SSHG Exchange Mod Explicit
Having excaped Azkaban, Hermione, Severus, and Lucius hope to find the remnants of the Order of the Phoenix. Their search leads them to Italy. By kereia for odella

Awakening to New Life by SSHG Exchange Mod Provocative
Severus is having trouble sleeping. By amsev for MadamSnape

Three Moments in Time, or A Secret Well-Worth Keeping by SSHG Exchange Mod Provocative
Three generations after Voldemort's fall, a new group of Hogwarts students stumbles upon a compelling mystery. By mad queen mab for Missmelysse

From Lost to Found by SSHG Exchange Mod Restricted
Ten years after the war, Hermione is working freelance as an Arithmancer to cover her expenses while her divorce from Ron is finalized. She takes on a job which leads her to people she'd never imagined seeing again. By alexandramuses for Catherinecookmn

Chai by SSHG Exchange Mod Provocative
A tale of tea with spices, the colourful streets of Kolkata, the even more colourful Bengali language, and finding something you never expected to find in the most unlikely place in the world. By gilded glamour for Blackeyedlily

Puzzle Pieces by SSHG Exchange Mod Provocative
On the night before Rose's wedding, somebody has to face the ghosts of the past. By selinabln for Alienor

Conspiracy Theory by SSHG Exchange Mod Provocative
 Working as the Ministry's new Keeper of Records turns out to be not quite what Hermione Granger had in mind. It's ... well, dull, dull, boring, and possibly - no, very definitely - dull. She has a mountain of information at her fingertips...

The Flower of Cities by SSHG Exchange Mod Provocative
Sam Johnson said, "If a man is tired of London, he is tired of life." Hermione exerts herself to make sure that Severus Snape won't get tired of London, and may indeed find interest in life. She doesn't feel quite so helpful about another...

This Time by SSHG Exchange Mod Mature
After the fall of Voldemort, an inexplicable illness plagues the surviving Death Eaters. Albus Dumbledore has a plan to save Severus Snape-but how, exactly, is Hermione Granger involved? By subversa for DeeMichelle.

Paint Can Love Too by SSHG Exchange Mod Provocative
Two painted figures are able to do with their RL counterparts couldn't. By schmoo999 for TalesofSnape

Second Best by SSHG Exchange Mod Conservative
Some things just aren't meant to be.  By tsukisei for Msavi.

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