For legal reasons photo submitters need to cut and paste this agreement into an email. This agreement gives us permission to post your pictures on the site, and states that you own or have the rights to the pictures/stories you are sending in and are over 18, etc.

Cut/copy and paste this to an email. Highlight the agreement with your mouse first. Copy = Control-C Paste = Control-V or you can do it the long way by looking at the menu at the top of your browser. Choose Edit. Choose copy. This will remember whatever you have highlighted with your mouse. Go into your mail program and click on the body of your email, where you want to paste the agreement. Choose Edit. Choose paste. Make sure to "sign" your name and email. Just type it into the correct place.

(NOTE: If you use webtv or you can't cut and paste, send me an email and let me know, and I will send you a copy of this to fill in and send back.)

Read this and then copy it:

(start copying right below here)


I agree that the following statements are regarding materials that I have sent or will send to The and Benevolent Goddess for inclusion on the web site, which I have stated to be pictures that I wish to have posted on the site. This includes all future submissions that I may make. (initial)

I agree that I am giving Benevolent Goddess of permission to post my pictures on web site. I agree that if I ever want my pictures removed, I will remove the pictures on my own accord and hold the website’s administration harmless. I have read and agree to all the rules on the Guidelines page. I will not hold Benevolent Goddess or responsible for anything that may happen as a result of posting my material on The Masque site. (initial)

I hereby swear that I am the owner of these materials and/or that I have the right to request that they be posted. I swear that all parties mentioned and/or shown in these materials are aware of my intention to post them, AND have agreed that I may do so. I swear that I, and all parties mentioned and/or shown in these materials are over 18 years of age, and that by requesting these materials to be posted, I am breaking no local, state, or federal laws. I also understand that The Masque may require that I provide proof of age, via a scan of a valid Drivers License or similar photo ID card to comply with federal guidelines, or the photos will be removed. (initial)

I understand that, should I request it, my name and/or e-mail address may be withheld from the web site to protect my anonymity. Otherwise, the screen name, real name or pseudonym provided will be posted with my e-mail address, on the web site.(initial)

I have read and agreed with all of the above statements.

Signed: (Put your name here)

(put your email address here)

Date: (put date here)


(end copying right above here)


You only have to send this to me once. Once I have it in my records, it covers future updates from you. This agreement will be kept confidential, it is for our records only. After copying the above agreement, paste it into an email and "sign" it by typing your name in the appropriate place, then send it to: where I will file it away in my records. Thank you very much.

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