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The Library The Library [284] When stories of intimate couples aren't enough.

The Attic The Attic [398] A moment or a lifetime of service and domination.

The Conservatory The Conservatory [64] Stories and poetry of people we know

The Kitchens The Kitchens [107] The most exquisite food and drink in the city

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My First Transgression by NookieNotes 3 - Risqué

I am a full partner, yet submissive. I was bad today, and I crave atonement.


1. Fingering of the female sexual organ.
2. Cock worship (speaking to it)
3. Spanking (bare-handed)

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Buona sera y benvenuto

After leaving your gondola with the aid of a uniformed servant, you enter the foyer of an elegant palazzo, just off the Grand Canal. Owned by one of the most beautiful and notorious cortigiana onesta in Venice, the palazzo is well known to be home to elegant literary salons and lavishly profane parties. Music and laughter float down the pale marble stairs, inviting guests to follow. Ancient tapestries line the walls, glowing richly in the dim light as you ascend the stairs. Men and women in ornate, outlandish costumes glide through large doors, their silks and satins glow in the warm candlelight. Their faces are hidden in traditional or fanciful works of art, made by the finest mask makers in Venice.

A song, a sonnet, a tale, a jewel under glass and gold casket; gifts from honored guests in the courtesan's home are displayed in alcoves set into walls of the staircase. In a small antechamber, velvet cloaks and sturdy chopins are guarded by a footman and maid, flirting in the few quiet moments. Jeweled fingers caress the rich mahogany handrail; cool marble stairs pass under elegantly slippered feet and rustling satin. After announcing the newest guests, the imposing majordomo guides them to the receiving line to greet The Courtesan. Played on a harpsichord with violins behind, the minuet beckons guests to join disguised cyprians, rogues, and Venetian nobility as they dance in an elegant ritual of seduction and power.

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The contest is closed! Congratulations to the authors of our Discovery of Witches prompt contest! They all wrote great stories. Our winner is Fred Stephens, author of Under the Samhain Moon! Fred wins a bunch of signed novels. A huge thank you to Fred, andone, CaughtInTheQuiet, and Pars01 for sending wonderful stories! Thank you to everyone that...

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Most Recent
London Calling by BadGirl25 3 - Risqué
What he's going to do to me.

Improved Performance by BadGirl25 3 - Risqué
A performance review. 

How Do I Make You Love Me? by Golden Boots 4 - Wanton
It's the wedding night of Richard Plantagenet and Anne Neville. He wants her to love him. She wants to love him. They both want to be loved by the English people. How can they capture their imagination? By revealing all... ...

House Party by Mag58 4 - Wanton
  Amy's new friend invites her to 'special party'.

What I Wanted by BadGirl25 3 - Risqué
The things I want from you.

Weekend Plans by BadGirl25 3 - Risqué
I wanted a naughty boy. I got him.

More Than Equals by Golden Boots 4 - Wanton
Carrie's never been one for sharing. The recoil of female friends is deterrent enough. She suspects she's an oddity, that only men will ever understand her. Then she meets CIA Case Officer, Allison Carr - a woman after her own dark and dirty heart... ...

Nocturnal activities by BadGirl25 3 - Risqué
The text came a 3 A.M. The door was unlocked. 

Meeting by BadGirl25 3 - Risqué
Very pleased to meet you.

Moonlight Over Water by Dark Storymaker 3 - Risqué
A first time aboard a ship.

Last Night by BadGirl25 3 - Risqué
Last night was rough.

Hiring a Well Hung Bull by Mag58 4 - Wanton
After an operation a husband can't perform.    

The Troll of Trondheim by AprilGrey 2 - Provocative
This is a one shot based on characters from my novel Chasing the Trickster and incorporating a couple of lj people I know. Actually, you don't need to have any of this information to enjoy the story.

The Golden Thread by Golden Boots 4 - Wanton
Victoria's wedding night looms. Unschooled in love and afraid, who else would she turn to but her mentor in all things, her beloved Lord Melbourne?    

Sacrifice by Dark Storymaker 4 - Wanton
She gazed at the man who used to be her friend... her confidant and lover,until this dark man had surfaced and taken his body and face. He washandling his toys with practiced ease and familiarity, even love, and sheshuddered at the look on his face. It...

Room Service by BadGirl25 3 - Risqué
Join me.

What Smokey Saw by Golden Boots 4 - Wanton
The Smoke Monster prowls the Island. Don't be afraid - he only wants to peek inside your dreams.    

A Van full of Hooligans by Mag58 4 - Wanton
Andrea goes to a soccer match with 13 footballers.    

A Cursed Engagement by Golden Boots 3 - Risqué
Darla misses Drusilla. She misses having a female friend to have fun with - that kind of girl-fun. Lindsey, slave to vampire-Darla and Angelus, understands but can he give her what she really needs?     

A Continuation by BadGirl25 3 - Risqué
You have mostly pleased me. Mostly.

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